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circuit of light art
As you follow the atmospheric evening trail ContourLight, you will fall for the charms of the historic centre of Mechelen and discover the visual power of contemporary light artworks – artistic visions conjured up by national and international artists using a whole range of light sources, from neon to LED.

These artworks give a new dimension to places where history has left its marks: streets, squares and gardens.

Those who want to make the whole tour we advise to start at the city museum courtyard 'Hof van Busleyden' and to proceed via Stassartstreet, De Deckerstreet, Schoutetstreet, Green Water, Klapgat, St Rumold's (open until 22h), the Grand Market Place, Minderbroedersgang and the small canal 'Melaan' towards the river Dyle and the Fish Market.

Most of the works of art are in public spaces and are on view every evening from dusk till midnight.
A few inner spaces on the circuit are always accessible for groups with guide and are also open to individual visitors each Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening :
1.Hof van Busleyden, 3.Ovamsite, 4.Manufactuur De Wit and 7. St Rumbold’s Cathedral (till 10 pm).

A guided tour costs 60 € (up to 25 people) and can be booked at ‘Uit in Mechelen’: 015.29 78 60 /

For special evenings with reception: 015.29 49 04 /

Creations by the artists below will ensure that
the ContourLight route inspires nothing short of wonder:

  Mario Airò (IT)
  Mischa Kuball (DE)
  Lea Lagasse (FR)
  Jan van Munster (NL)
  Oleg Yushko & Anna Sukolova(BR)

and by the Belgians:

  Luc Coeckelberghs
  Erki De Vries & Tim Vets
  Stefaan Dheedene
  Kris Verdonck
  Pieter Vermeersch

Take a look at the full programme here,
or let you guide by this map.
ContourLight is an initiative of the art foundation Contour Mechelen.
Curator: Etienne Van den Bergh
Technical supervisor and light consultant: Leo Mariën, Philips

Coproduction: Contour Mechelen vzw & MMMechelen vzw.
This circuit of light art could be realized thanks to the support of the province of Antwerp,Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Eandis, Philips, Trilux

and the cooperation of Dockx Bouw, Alvirek, Steurs Metaal, iGuzzini, Evonik, Arch. F. Vander Laenen, Ir. Jan Lambrecht, PFL, Margarita, Stillab, MIXX, bkSM, VAF

Contour is grateful to the technical department of the City of Mechelen, St Rumold’s, Royal Manufacturers De Wit, Mr and Mrs De Wint, Jonckers and the proprietors of the ‘de Cirque’.